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DOLOR: Chrissy | Book II

Author Rick Florino has confirmed a special "blood reading" of his new illustrated novella DOLOR: Chrissy | Book II, out February 11. This theatrical reading—which will feature Florino covered in blood in a DOLOR P.D. uniform—takes place February 20 at 7:30pm at The Hollywood Corner, 1156 North Highland Avenue in Los Angeles.

DOLOR: Chrissy is the second in the series of ten illustrated mystery/horror novellas, following DOLOR: Lila | Book I, which has received critical acclaim in outlets such as,, LAX Magazine,, Shallow Graves Magazine, and Crypt Magazine. Chrissy has also received praise from the media in early reviews, as evidenced below:

"Chrissy deepens the DOLOR mystery…I'm hooked."


"You've read the heart-wrenching first tale from the mysterious town of Dolor: Lila. Now, with the second story, Chrissy, be prepared not to have your heart broken but your jugular ripped out. Author Rick Florino pulls no punches with volume two of his ten-part chronicle of the town of Dolor. You have been warned…"

—Elaine Lamkin,

"…an incredibly eerie addition to the DOLOR series…psychologically chilling to the bone…leaves me waiting in anticipation for Arielle."

—Yvette M. Kelley, Shallow Graves Magazine

With DOLOR: Chrissy, Florino—author of DOLOR: Lila | Book I, Do the Devil's Work for Him, founder of Ruin Magazine and Editor of—expands his foray into his true passion: fiction writing and the horror genre. The text is exemplified by the bizarre, dark and dreamlike artwork of Kristel Lerman.

Beginning February 11, a limited number of signed paperback copies of DOLOR: Chrissy will be available for $15 at, with digital downloads available for only $5. As an introduction to the series, Florino and his New American Deities production company continue to offer the DOLOR: Lila download for free at Limited edition signed and numbered physical copies of Lila are also available for purchase.

Fans can get a glimpse behind the scenes now through a special DOLOR: Chrissy video trailer hosted at

Look for DOLOR: Arielle | Book III this summer.


In October 2009, Rick Florino opened up Dolor to the "real" world with his first novella DOLOR: Lila | Book I. At the beginning of Lila, FBI Agent Jeffries goes to Dolor to investigate a fire. The town's been burned to the ground. One lone house stands—charred to Hell on the outside, but fine on the inside. Within those walls, Jeffries finds ten small diaries. Each diary is written by a different denizen of Dolor, delving into some sort of darkness. The first diary is Lila | Book I.

Lila is not just a story, it's an experience. The first book tells the tale of Officer Caleb Taylor. Caleb is going through Hell. His daughter just drowned and his wife has disappeared without a trace. However, something begins to stir him from beyond the grave. It won't let him rest until he finds out the truth…

Enter the world of Rick Florino's DOLOR; you'll never be the same. Then succumb to the tales of Chrissy, Arielle, Decker, Cassie, Olivia, Orestes, Lucia, Sage and Helen. Nightmares are guaranteed.