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Royal Flush Magazine and Midnight Dreams Productions have joined forces for a massive special event combining music, comics and art May 15 at Public Assembly, 70 North 6th Street in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. The evening will celebrate the release of New York based musician/filmmaker Alex Dementia's new comic Vrykolakas: The Unholy and feature performances by Dementia's own The Resurrection Sorrow, Panzie, The Bambi Killers and DJ Jenn City, highlighted by the reunion of the mighty '80s mock glam metal band Satanicide. In addition, there will be exhibits and items for sale including Royal Flush issues, posters, t-shirts and more. The show starts at 8:30pm in Public Assembly's front room and tickets are $12 at the door.

'Vrykolakas: The Unholy' release party flyer designed by by Royal Flush publisher/editor Josh Bernstein and Royal Flush artist Seldon Hunt.
The event poster was created by Royal Flush Publisher/Editor
Josh Bernstein and Royal Flush artist Seldon Hunt.

The May 15 event commemorates the release of Alex Dementia's brand new comic work Vrykolakas: The Unholy, the first printing in a series based on an original screenplay by Dementia. Illustrated by Isaac Carey Nejako with cover and design work by Seldon Hunt, Vrykolakas: The Unholy is Dementia's first foray into the comic book world. The story, which is entrenched in Greek Vampiric folklore, follows the journey of a young man trying to redeem his soul in his otherwise soulless world. The nameless protagonist fights to find his way through a world of corruption, greed and hypocrisy and in the end, finally finds what he's been searching for. "Of course," says Dementia, "part one is only the first twenty-three pages. You're going to have to stay tuned for part two…" For more information and to order Vrykolakas: The Unholy, go to:

Dementia will also perform with his band The Resurrection Sorrow ( Favoring raw emotion over contrived calculation, the NYC four-piece crafts songs of anthemic proportions using stone-heavy handed riffing, barbaric percussive destruction and brooding and occult-inspired vocals. Paying homage to the oracles of 1970s England, the Bay Area of the 1980s and those of 1990s Seattle and American swamplands, TRS has taken the torch from its predecessors and is taking it further into the cave.

The Royal Flush Magazine party will culminate with a performance from legendary NYC rockers Satanicide—who are reuniting with original drummer "Sloth Vader" for this show. Self-described as portraying a lifestyle "where the mullet and kick-ass rock 'n' roll still live," the members play party anthems and power ballads with a mix of satire and affection while sporting big hair, spandex and leather. The band's 8-minute "Jer-Z Nites" short film "rockudramedy" was a hit at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival.

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