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Dolor: Arielle | Book III



Sam's wife Arielle just left him, but that's the least of his problems…

After sitting through three meetings in his downtown Dolor law office,
strange things begin happening to this lawyer.
One of Sam's clients nearly bleeds to death
in some sort of ritual right before his eyes,
however the evil doesn't let up…

Royal Flush Magazine—part pop culture mag, part rock art carnival, part comic book, and all irreverent fun for serious fans—is premiering the first three chapters from Dolor: Arielle | Book III. This first look at the latest installment of author Rick Florino's Dolor novella series, out September 27 via New American Deities, is online now at The exclusive sneak peek plunges "deep into the world of Dolor, an Anytown, USA riddled with pulse-pounding events and creepy, strange characters. This quick taste is just enough to introduce us to the very human individuals that find themselves wrapped in the seedy underbelly of the town they call home."

A Los Angeles release party for Arielle is set for Thursday, September 23 from 8pm-10:30pm at The Hollywood Corner (1158 North Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038). At the event, newcomers to Dolor will have the opportunity to purchase autographed copies of the first three books of the series— Arielle along with its predecessors Lila and Chrissy—for only $10 for the set. In addition, readings by Florino will draw attendees deeper into the supernatural intrigue of Dolor.

Dolor: Arielle | Book III cover

Arielle—the third in a series of ten stories about the creepy town of Dolor—will be available for only 99 cents on September 27, 28 and 29 at From September 30 through October 31, 2010, Arielle can be purchased for the discounted price of $3.99. As an introduction to the Dolor story, free downloads of Lila and Chrissy, the first two books in the series, are available at and hard copies of the books can be purchased for just $4.99 each.

Florino—author of Dolor: Lila | Book I, Dolor: Chrissy | Book II, Do The Devil's Work For Him, founder of Ruin Magazine and Editor-In-Chief of—offers his thoughts on Arielle: "Arielle represents everything that I always wanted this series to be. The mystery behind Dolor begins to unravel further within the landscape of a very dark and twisted story. The narrative itself examines so much in short space—from the breakdown of a marriage to the breakdown of a mind. Then there's a deeper and more demonic aspect to Arielle as well that's reminiscent of '60s and '70s horror, yet the characters all come to life vibrantly. Fans of the series will get to learn a little bit more about Caleb Taylor, and they'll also get a closer look at what's really happening underneath the surface of this town. Arielle also features a musical aspect that will come into play much more as the series progresses. In some ways, Arielle closes out the trilogy that is the first three books. However, it also leaves everything open for the next seven to come. This is a very special book, and newcomers and previous visitors to Dolor will be equally possessed by it…I still am."

Dolor: Arielle | Book III…How much farther will you fall?

About Dolor

Dolor is a creepy little town that you won't be able to leave. It's the kind of place you can't forget. It's the kind of place where anything can happen. It's the kind of place where evil doesn't just die. It's the kind of place that nightmares are born to live forever…

In October 2009, Rick Florino opened up Dolor to the "real" world with his first novella Dolor: Lila | Book I. At the beginning of Lila, FBI Agent Jeffries goes to Dolor to investigate a fire. The town's been burned to the ground. One lone house stands—charred to Hell on the outside, but fine on the inside. Within those walls, Jeffries finds ten small diaries. Each diary is written by a different denizen of Dolor, delving into some sort of darkness. The first diary is Dolor: Lila | Book I.

Enter the world of Rick Florino's Dolor, you'll never be the same. Then succumb to the tales of Chrissy, Arielle, Decker, Cassie, Olivia, Orestes, Lucia, Sage and Helen. Nightmares are guaranteed.