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"Royal Flush is such a visually stimulating magazine. I love it and wish it luck in the future!"
—Hugh M. Hefner

"Cool Mag Alert: I need one. You need one."
USA Today "Pop Candy" columnist Whitney Matheson on Royal Flush Book Seven.

To celebrate the release of their seventh book, Royal Flush will hold a special signing event at New York City's own Forbidden Planet (840 Broadway, New York, NY 10003) with cover star Rob Zombie on October 11. The acclaimed musician and filmmaker will be signing copies of Royal Flush Book Seven and Hellbilly Deluxe 2 — Special Edition (out now on Roadrunner/Loud & Proud). Zombie will be signing for fans who purchase both Royal Flush Book Seven and the Hellbilly Deluxe 2 — Special Edition at Forbidden Planet for the package price of only $25.

Flyer for the Rob Zombie Royal Flush Book Seven/Hellbilly Deluxe 2 — Special Edition signing on October 12 at Forbidden Planet in New York City.

Royal Flush Book Seven is available for purchase online exclusively at, and will hit stores throughout the U.S. and Canada on October 12. Part pop culture mag, part rock art carnival, part comic book, and all irreverent fun for serious fans, Royal Flush is an annual, collectible magazine known for its provocative humor, stylish design and innovative art. "Royal Flush displays more creativity in its first 25 pages than most publications do in a year," according to MediaPost.

The Royal Flush Rob Zombie cover portrait was painted by legendary heavy metal album artist Ed Repka, best known for his cover work for Megadeth. A limited edition lenticular hologram cover (only 1,000 made!) will be available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

Too big for one magazine, Royal Flush Book Seven features a flip-side cover with film legend Danny DeVito and the entire cast of the hit TV show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia illustrated by veteran Royal Flush artist Patrick McQuade.

Both cover stars agree that Royal Flush Book Seven is not to be missed. "Royal Flush might be the craziest thing I've ever seen," says DeVito. "This is amazing."

"Royal Flush is awesome," says Zombie. "There aren't any magazines like it. It's great to leave around forever because there is so much stuff to read."

The colossal Book Seven is a double-barreled, double-sized salute to both TV and B-movies — plus the usual batch of comics, underground art, satire and pro-wrestling tomfoolery, including an exclusive interview with Danny McBride about Eastbound & Down Season 2 and his upcoming movie Your Highness, with a bonus look at the men who inspired McBride's EB&D character Kenny Powers by baseball author Dan Epstein.

Among the quotes and revelations shared in Royal Flush Book Seven:

"I don't need to bench anymore. I just pick up cans of beer and bongs. So that's how I keep strong," says Danny McBride. He also dishes on HBO's reaction to the Eastbound & Down pilot and on surviving his newfound celebrity.

Lewis Black lists the current celebrities that are — no surprise here — really pissing him off. "Mario Lopez is definitely one, and the Jersey Shore cast is pissing me off too. Glenn Beck thinks he's funny, fuck him too."

If Danny Bonaduce's fists were doing the talking, he would have a few celebrity targets in mind: "Well, it would be interesting to hit Bret Michaels. I really like him, but it would interesting to see if he died or not," also adding, "Dee Snider, I'd punch him in the head right now." Bonaduce also talks about Michael Lohan showing up at his house and challenging him to a celebrity boxing match.

Celebrity stoner Tommy Chong on doing a bong-hit onstage with Cypress Hill: "It was the biggest bong hit I ever took in my life. I literally had to be carried off the stage because I was blasted. I retarded my mental growth for at least 10 years."

Danny DeVito lists his dream guests for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia:
1. Michael Douglas 2. Jack Nicholson 3. Ed Norton 4. Mel Gibson (when things cool off)

Rob Zombie shares his admiration for comic book legend Jim Steranko and Oscar winning director and B-movie king Roger Corman (both profiled in this issue). Zombie says of Steranko, "I love Jim's Nick Fury stuff. I even met him when I was a kid!" On Corman, Zombie adds, "The movie business wouldn't exist without Roger Corman. I think he's the smartest guy in the history of motion pictures."

Other highlights of Royal Flush Book Seven:

Plus new interviews with Tenacious D, Frank Miller, Mike Birbiglia, King Diamond, Volbeat, Slash, Joe Dante, Dani Filth, Lee Ving and many more.

Not enough? We also take the piss out of Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, The Jersey Shore, Justin Bieber, Tiger Woods, Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson, LeBron James, James Hetfield, Kirstie Alley, Dustin "Screech" Diamond, Marilyn Manson, Gene Simmons, Patrick Swayze and the return of the Douchebag 100 in another 112 page, full color, pop-culture-skewering bible of insanity.

***Royal Flush Editor/Publisher Josh Bernstein and Royal Flush Book Seven featured contributors Ed Repka, Patrick McQuade, Al Jaffee, Tim Bradstreet and Steve Chanks are available for interviews.***

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