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The Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival kicks off in Kansas City, MO today (August 17). To celebrate the tour launch, UPROAR's Rick Florino spoke with Brent Smith from Shinedown, Sully Erna from Godsmack and Rick DeJesus from Adelitas Way. Read the Q&A and listen to the exclusive conversation here:

Brent, Sully and Rick discussed the camaraderie between UPROAR bands, what to expect from their live performances, things they like to do when they're not on stage, and plans for a possible onstage collaboration at the end of the night on UPROAR. The guys even talked about Adele, Lady Gaga and the general state of music.

Here are some excerpts from the diverse conversation:

Brent Smith/Shinedown:

"One thing we talked about was sitting down and figuring out a way for all of the main stage bands to get together and do a song at the end of the night. It's really great when you can show the audience the camaraderie between the bands."

"Sully said something that changed my life actually, on a professional level."

"There's a young lady by the name of Adele. She personifies a vocal style and honest, musical sensibility played with real instruments…It's a different style of music, but at the same time, it's not. It's rhythm and blues. Music is a pendulum. It's constantly swinging. It will always come back around."

Sully Erna/Godsmack:

"To me, building a set list is about putting together pure, raw energy. If the band is honest about their performance, the people will appreciate it whether they know the songs or not. You have to be honest and passionate about your playing. Otherwise, it's too mechanical up there. When you build a set list, any band needs to focus on building energy and putting on the best show they possibly can because that's our job."

"On this bill, the music is really compatible, but it's very diverse."

"Nobody wants to like Lady Gaga in rock 'n' roll because she's the pop diva selling out arenas everywhere. Good for her! She's writing huge, fat hits. She won me over at a certain point…You may love her, hate her, or think she's a kook, but she's the modern day Grace Slick from Jefferson Starship. She's just a really bizarre artist. That girl can really sing like Adele. I love the diversity of music and think it's important people keep trying different things because otherwise we all sound the same."

Rick DeJesus/Adelitas Way:

"Thousands of people will come out and have the best time of their summer."

"People have to come out and try to find music early…This show is for the fans from top-to-bottom. Your day is going to be full of music, fun, and a good time. The energy is going to be phenomenal. I'm going to be there as an artist and as a fan. I get to watch all of these great bands go out and bleed every night on stage. I love it!"

"We really want to be a part of something great. There are legendary bands on this tour that have put the work and the time in…We have something to prove because this is our first time tasting these crowds…Every band on this bill is going to put on such a performance that people in America are going to understand why rock 'n' roll has run the show for so long."

The third annual Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival runs from August 17 in Kansas City, MO through September 30 in Albuquerque, NM. The Rockstar Energy Drink Main Stage will feature performances from multiplatinum rock bands Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind and Papa Roach, along with breaking band Adelitas Way. In addition, the Ernie Ball Stage and Jägermeister Stage in the festival area will include performances from multiplatinum headliner P.O.D., as well as up-and-coming artists Deuce, Fozzy, Redlight King, Mindset Evolution, In This Moment, Thousand Foot Krutch, Candlelight Red and a local Battle Of The Bands winner.

Go to for full details and a list of bands performing at each show.